When is the Best Time to Start a Business?

When it comes to starting a business, we all get several windows of opportunity.
Our life is full of instances and scenarios when becoming a entrepreneur is just one step ahead, and all you need to do is take that leap of faith.
So when did these windows of opportunity occur and when will they happen again in your life? I’ve listed them down below along with select stories from ordinary individuals who took the chance, started a business and succeeded.
When you’re still a kid
You don’t have big responsibilities yet, and your innocent view of the world is an ingredient for creativity and big ideas.
Nick D’Aloisio was 12 years old when he taught himself how to make a mobile app. His news aggregator app Summly, was eventually bought by Yahoo! for $30 million and making him a millionaire at the age of 17.
When you graduate from school
You’ve spent years learning, now it’s time use and apply what you’ve learned.
When you break up with someone
It will be easier to get over someone if you’re busy doing something productive.
When you get your first job
Time to learn and hone your leadership and management skills, which you’ll need in your own business. Start saving money from your salary to fund your first venture.
When you get sick and have to stay home
It’s a great time to reflect and think about your passions in life. You may be lying in bed, but your mind can work and brew a business idea.
When you quit or lose your job
Finally, you have all the time to focus on starting your own business.
Jason Spencer lost his job when his company went bankrupt. With no savings and a family to support, he knew he needed to act fast. A couple of years after, his internet marketing business Tribe.ly, is generating almost $20,000 in revenue every month.
When you get a new job
Cashflow is no longer a problem. You can now eat 3 times a day while you work on your business during weekends.
When you just bought a new car
You’ve got your dream car, now it’s time to build your dream business.
When you get married
Now you have a business partner you can trust and who’s probably willing to work as hard as you.
When you just got kids
Start a business now, so you can eventually help and teach your child how to become an entrepreneur someday.
When you just moved to a new home
If you were able to afford a house, then you can certainly afford to save money to use as business capital. It’s now time to do just that.
When things are stable and you’re just doing fine
When there’s not much stress in your life, it will be easier to plan and start a business.
When you just retired from being an employee
You’ll eventually get bored sitting at home and doing nothing. Start a business and leave a legacy.
Colonel Harland Sanders, at the age of 65, took his $105 from his Social Security check and began selling franchises of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He died 25 years later as a billionaire, and leaving an entrepreneurial story that will be retold for generations.
When is the best time to start a business?
The window of opportunity to start a business is always open. Sometimes it’s wide and accessible, other times it’s just a small gap and you need to push the panes and unroll the blinds to see the whole view.
Every life event, whether positive or negative, can be turned into an opportunity to develop, plan and start a business. So don’t wait for that perfect timing, because that rarely comes.